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Salient Features of Rawal Lake

In September 1999, the CMC hosted a water resource workshop jointly with the American Embassy in Katmandu, Nepal. The Main purpose of the workshop was to begin a process of sharing water quality monitoring information at select non-sensitive locations between regional parties to promote regional cooperation.

Water quality measurements of different parameters are to be made using commercially available water measurement equipment. The regional project partners had to collect data at chosen locations using hand-held baseline water quality data acquisition systems, and share data gathered among the parties via the CMC over the Internet.

In Pakistan, National Energy Conversation Center (ENERCON), Ministry of Environment , Islamabad was given responsibility for carrying out this water quality monitoring. Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency and PEEMAC joined hands to execute this project. Rawal Lake (near Islamabad/Rawalpindi) was the selected location for this purpose. Water quality monitoring of Rawal Lake is done on weekly basis and the data is communicated to CMC as required.

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